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Reasons why immigration law changes cannot be imminent

November 21st, 2013

Have you noticed that the immigration laws have changed underway? After some months of debate, the senate passes the immigration reform bill. While this process was going on, it was not necessarily in the terms of impending change. But before the immigration reform bill was passed to become the law, the bill bills must be passed by the house representatives. This is where the debate even if it was impossible to predict what happens; there are some of the things that help to understand this. Below are few of them.

1. Incompatible views on the ‘path to citizenship: in this case, the pathway to citizenship of the illegal immigrants is available even today. The changes are proposed by the US immigration law. The people who were supporting the bill see the pathway of the citizens who have the ability to boost the US economy. The illegal immigrants are able to become the taxpayers and have a time to invest in their communities. In the opposing view, the pathway is known to be like a granting reprieve and this may result in an increased number of the immigrants who are illegal. This is known to be the major hurdle that helps in passing out the reform bill.

2. Most Republicans are still opposed to the bill: this is also known to be the bipartisan bill which was passed by the senate in the democratic majority. After reading more about this, it is very easy to understand more about the US laws.


When to hire an immigration lawyer.

November 17th, 2013

One of the most important things one should consider when migrating is to look for a professional lawyer to help, in terms of immigration. It is very protective to have a lawyer if one can afford one. There is someone who verbally interviews you and corrects some information from you. They also take all the documents that may be required from you and also fill out the needed applications for you and they fill up all the forms needed to be filled by you. They always save time for you because it costs headache for personal research and also a lot of time to assemble all the applications.

Lawyers sometimes make it even less expensive because they can even mail services since they will pay for them. Although it is ever good to have an immigration lawyer, sometimes it is not necessary to hire one. If you find that your immigration case has no complications like you have never been in a criminal case, you don’t have an over-stayed visa and also that you never worked illegally for 20 years, you don’t really need to hire an immigration lawyer. If you are a person who have been doing all things legally, and that when coming to America you applied your without any false documents. Also if when working in America you have been maintaining your visa status, absolutely I can’t see the reason to hire a lawyer because your immigration case is straightforward. Also I believe that if able to read this article, it means that can read and write good English at a position that you can fill out applicant’s forms on your own without hiring an immigration lawyer.

The Immigration process

November 11th, 2013

It is a complex process to apply for a visa to live and work in the U.S. The kind of visa you are applying may include more step or involve other parties.some types may even require a sponsor. The sponsor is required to petition the U.S. citizenship and immigration services for the immigrant to be allowed to apply. Financial support may also be required from the sponsor to the immigrant.

Determine your eligibility by checking the procedure lay out by the U.S. citizenship and immigration services. You may enquire from their information line 1-800-375-5283 or you may search from their website. If it’s based on employment

Family based visas; a member must eligible and act like a petitioner.  A petitioner may either be a U.S.citizen or a legal permanent resident.

Contact any necessary person who will be required to fill the paperwork. For a work visa your employer is required to fill for you or to apply on your behalf. In the case of a family visa or fiance visa your family member or your fiance is required to fill the petition for you to be able apply and your petition must be approved before your application for the visa process begins. You are also required to have a valid passport with at least six month of valid time remaining
Copies of both the immigrants and the sponsor’s passport. the sponsors passport and copy of birth certificate ,and any evidence of a relationship  the evidence must show a relationship between the sponsor and the applicant have met and they are ongoing in their relationship  this may include:photos,passport stamps for a visit, e-mails. Supporting evidence can vary depending with the kind of visa you are applying.

The right ways of immigration entry

November 1st, 2013

Nowadays, there are many illegal ways to migrate in Canada. However, one need to be aware of some immigration fraud and being able to avoid the dubbed offenders and this happens in the Canadian. However, the worst thing about immigration frauds is bottlenecks and they are created on the other applications .but the question is that the whole integrity of immigration system and there is no country given the rules. But it is clear to many that people must be able to understand the types of frauds in the immigration. Frauds include misrepresentation facts of the data, irregular adoption, cyber frauds and relationship frauds.

Another important is that most of the citizens in Canada must understand the ways that people use to avoid the frauds. When it is considered in some of the scenarios, some of the spouse may be denied the access of entry. Also after the crackdown and financial statues, there is a chance for the fraud to take advantage. Also, there are many ways that people use to determine whether there is a clear relationship upon those who want to immigrate.

Last but not least, the citizens are being requested to be able to assist the system in making sure that the immigration fraud is stopped. The reason is that preventing immigration fraud also helps people to save the tax dollars. In fact there are many cases that have been solved and people are advised to do research and get clear information before immigrating.


Ways that US immigration Lawyers use to solve your case

October 28th, 2013

Immigration lawyers from US are well trained to help people in dealing with their immigration cases. This includes petitions, migration and appeals. However, sometimes people wonder why they need an immigration lawyer or attorney at all. But you can attempt to solve your case even without involving some professional legal assistance. This may help you know that an immigration attorney will do for you. If you decide to invest to an attorney, you may make up a difference between unsuccessful and successful resolution and also a possibility to look for further appeal. Below are some of the significant ways of how the US immigration lawyers can help you to resolve your case in an easy way.

ü  Examine Your Options: this is the first thing you need to know about the immigrations laws. The lawyers are able to identify the major problems and have the experience in the law study area. They also help in proposing up the facts and some of the specific cases. Another important thing is that an attorney is well trained to understand and know all the details you have discovered without their help. This is so important because the lawyer will help you to get the resolutions options, this include not to be aware of anything that may come up after the case.

ü  Representation before the USCIS and EOIR: in case of any of the immigration issue arise, it is good to know that it require a US Citizenship and also the executive offices. If you try to represent yourself on this situation, then you might have a problem of getting another chance.

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